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Terri Fleming: Author

I was born on the island of Tasmania, Australia, surrounded by every luxury of landscape but limited access to the wider world in the days before mass communication. Books were my joy and my refuge. If I was naughty, the greatest threat was to be denied a visit to the bookmobile.

Very early on I determined to be a writer. A ship destroyed our bridge and cut Hobart city in half before I could start as a junior reporter for the city newspaper. Instead, I became a copywriter with a series of international advertising agencies. The strong editorial discipline I developed writing tv ads and brochures provides a backbone to my writing.

A yen to discover the world led me around the globe and down a variety of paths. All of these experiences inform my writing in some measure.

My husband and I call the leafy Garden of England home; though Australia and Portugal have their claims. I write wherever I am, by hand, poolside or fireside, on flights or ferries. If you see me, do come over and say hello.

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